Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold is a precious metal company aimed at making investments in precious metals accessible to the average person. To accomplish this, Noble Gold has created an innovative platform designed to allow people to buy, sell, and store physical gold securely in their own homes.

Noble GoldThe company started when founder Doug Case saw the need for a way in which consumers could feel safe storing their hard-earned wealth in something tangible but also easy to access no matter what time of day or night they want it. He noticed that even with increased demand for this type of service, people are still largely unhappy with existing options available on the market today.

After doing some research into the problems, consumers were facing; he found three significant issues: storage fees were too high, not everyone had the option of using bank accounts for storage, and many of the safe-deposit boxes available weren’t large enough to fit a 1/10th oz gold Mexican Peso coin.

This was frustrating for Doug as all his research showed that people wanted physical bullion stored at home but couldn’t find the service easily even if they were looking for it. Finally, he decided something needed to be done, so he used his engineering background from MIT to create a solution that would allow people access to their gold anytime they wanted from anywhere in the world using any mobile device or computer with an internet connection.

Noble Gold has Four Main Products:

– One Tenth Oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins. These can be ordered by ANYONE regardless of income or background through the website (no credit check required). The coins are stored in the customer’s home by Noble Gold for a low annual fee.

– One Tola Gold Bars. If customers already have existing metal they want to store with Noble Gold, they can purchase one tola gold bar.
– Custom Commemorative Coins. Customers can order custom-made commemorative coins in any quantity at very affordable prices. These are great gifts, awards, or just something different compared to generic bullion options available elsewhere.

Finally, you can sell your precious metals back to Noble Gold if you choose to no longer hold them for whatever reason whenever you want through their website. This will be done through an appraisal process that ensures customers get what they deserve for their metal while also protecting both parties involved.

Noble Gold distinguishes itself from this crowded market by focusing on ease of use, security, and customer service/satisfaction. For example, no background check is required to sign up for an account or buy gold coins, no hidden fees are added when you use your credit card to make a purchase, the storage options are top-rated in their field (including fireproof safes), and if customers aren’t delighted with their purchase, they can return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

They also have real humans willing to answer phones Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST, so if there is ever an issue, you don’t need to wait around, hoping someone will pick up the phone. In addition, they offer competitive compared to other precious metal retailers in the industry and are constantly working with suppliers to ensure that their prices remain low. This is beneficial for consumers who want to buy or sell precious metals with Noble Gold compared to competitors.

Overall, it’s clear why there has been so much hype around this company. They have done a great job of understanding what customers want, offering top-notch security, hassle-free transactions, and fantastic prices while including real humans you can contact whenever necessary. So it’s no surprise they are already expanding rapidly across North America. But, unfortunately, very few companies can stand up against the competition in an industry where most people don’t understand how the markets work yet continue to get by despite high fees, poor service, hidden costs, etc.

Noble Gold Pros:

– Easy website and transaction process
– Low fees
– Professional storage options (fireproof safes)
– Real humans to answer phones

Noble Gold Cons:

– No 1/4 oz coins available yet
The site is sometimes cluttered with promotional offers and options, but this is understandable since it’s so new.

Why Choose Noble Gold?

First of all, there are plenty of other options out there which you can read about here. However, we think that Noble Gold is an excellent option for several reasons:

– Fair prices (low fees) and no hidden costs like most other companies make it very easy on the wallet to purchase precious metals compared to competitors. This will save people money in the long run, which is beneficial for those who want these assets as protection against an uncertain economy and currency depreciation.
– Real humans are available to answer phones Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm EST, so if issues arise, they can be resolved quickly without waiting on hold forever, wondering if someone will ever pick up.
– Comprehensive website with top-notch security measures including insurance, free shipping, and storage options like fireproof safes make it very easy to control and handle your metals.
– No background checks are required to create an account or buy coins which is a huge plus for privacy enthusiasts that don’t want their personal information online or on file anywhere.
– A 30-day return policy ensures customers get what they deserve when they pay the premium price over spot prices for precious metals. In addition, this makes it easier than ever to try out Noble Gold with no risk involved (which we all know isn’t usually the case with precious metal dealers).

Noble Gold Precious Metals IRAs

One unique feature of Noble Gold is the ability to set up a self-directed IRA for precious metals. Self-directed IRAs are an incredible way to diversify your investment portfolio and protect your wealth without worrying about any penalties because you’re investing in gold instead of stocks or real estate (which can be touchy depending on which type of retirement account you choose).

If this sounds like something that interests you, we suggest reading our article here. We will go over everything from how it works, how to do it, who offers them, etc., so check it out! If you want more information about the website itself and what kind of products they offer, click here.

IRA-Approved Precious Metals

Noble Gold makes it easy to invest in real gold and silver without worrying about your retirement accounts. They offer IRA-approved coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australia Nugget, and Austrian Philharmonics, which all carry the highest mark of IRA approval from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). This means that they can be used for an IRA with no issues whatsoever.

Other companies like Goldline only offer the American Eagles and some government minted coins, which is a nice bonus. Just make sure you email them once you’ve purchased your first order so they can set up your account accordingly, or call them at 1-888-596-7390 if you have any issues.

How To Buy Precious Metals From Noble Gold

Buying precious metals from a dealer is a lot like buying anything else – you find what you want, place an order, and wait for the package to arrive. In some cases, waiting forever has been known to happen as people have reported weeks or even months without receiving their products. This isn’t the case with Noble Gold, as they make it easy for customers to track orders through email notifications as soon as they’ve been processed by their staff, who are actual humans that return emails sometimes, which is a nice change of pace from other dealers where getting ahold of someone means trying to get your call transferred across endless phone trees and automated voicemail systems.

Sampling Of Noble Gold Customer Reviews:

I am a first-time customer and had a very positive experience with Noble Gold. I placed my order on a Sunday evening and received an email letting me know it was being processed later that night. I found another email saying it was shipped the following day, so the whole process only took about 12 hours! The item arrived much faster than expected (the tracking number worked!) and in excellent condition. I would recommend Noble Gold to anyone interested in buying metals that are tired of overpaying at local coin shops.
– Anne Peltier – Facebook

I’m pretty impressed with this company. They were the only company that answered their phones immediately, let alone answered them, period! This led me to believe they are genuinely dedicated to making sure their customers are taken care of. In addition, their prices on the gold coins I purchased were below all other sites, and they had a great selection of currencies from different countries, which is precisely what I was looking for.
– John M. – Yelp

I recently began buying precious metals for my IRA but didn’t know where to start or who to trust, so I started searching around online and found a new company called Noble Gold that has excellent reviews, and their website looked fantastic. After some more research, I ended up going with them because they gave me an extra 5% off along with free shipping over $10,000, which no one else did. They processed my order in less than 24 hours and sent me tracking info right away, so now it’s just a waiting game for my new gold and silver to arrive. I will be recommending them to everyone who asks!
– Lisa B – Google Reviews

Noble Gold Other Precious Metals Investment Options:

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) & iShares: Unlike physical metals, which can be cumbersome and expensive to store, ETFs are paper-backed funds that provide investors with the performance of physically-backed metals such as Silver or Gold without actually holding them. Today there are hundreds of options for ETFs, and it’s possible to find one whose price movements correlate most closely with your investment goals. The largest and most well-known fund is GLD, but we recommend you do more research before deciding on a fund as many have hidden fees and high expense ratios that can eat into your returns.

Gold Coins & Bars: These items come in various sizes and prices depending on the metal purity and weight, so it’s essential to shop around to find what you like. We recommend avoiding generic bullion bars and rounds as they are often lower quality than high premiums on specific branded items. However, suppose you’re looking to purchase smaller amounts of Gold for your investment portfolio or emergency supplies. In that case, there are many options available in 1/10oz coins with low premiums over their metal weight so long as demand remains constant. Silver is a little trickier since most pieces are sold at spot price with little to no markup, but if you’re willing to buy junk silver, that can be found at premiums between 5-20% depending on condition and quantity purchased.

Investing In Precious Metals Coins & Bars

As demand for physical metals increases, prices go up, which turns to purchase them into a more lucrative investment than ever before. It can be challenging for those new to the market to know where and what to buy as there are no options available. The most important advice we can give is that if you’re looking for long-term growth, then avoid bullion-type bars and rounds as they are typically only worth the spot price of their metal content due to high premium costs and low demand from investors.

Gold Coins: Gold coins tend to be larger and made from specific countries last circulated (such as American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs). Depending on the year they were minted, they come with various weights and purity, but all carry relatively high premiums over the spot. These items have been created specifically for collectors who limit their ability to collect and withdraw metal in an economic collapse. While they tend to retain value and may be easier to sell than bars, they cost more to purchase. We always recommend using a 10% ratio when considering your investment portfolio. Silver Coins: Silver coins offer an excellent way for investors who don’t have large budgets to invest in high-quality Gold bullion without spending too much upfront. Like Gold, they come with many different weights and pimps but are significantly cheaper due to lower demand from collectors. The most popular choice is 1oz rounds which trade at spot prices so long as supply is consistent (which it has been), but premium costs can still run up to 10-20% if you’re not careful and purchasing in bulk. Silver coins are also an excellent investment because they can be easily liquidated in the event of an economic collapse, making them one of the most popular items for investors who want to hold physical metals but may not have space or money to invest in larger bars.

Gold Bars: These come with very high premiums over spot gold due to high manufacturing costs and low supply (most manufacturers produce 1-2 million ounces every year out of 4 billion+ paid). Because of this, you must purchase from brands that offer low premiums like Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, Perth Mint & Royal Canadian Mint, which all carry fantastic reviews on the internet. As for weights, we always recommend sticking with 1oz bars as anything smaller typically has high premiums over their metal content. If you’re looking for larger sizes, expect to pay even higher premiums, so it’s often worth purchasing multiples of 1oz bars if you want more than one Gold bar.

Silver Bars: Like Gold, Silver is made in various weights depending on the year it was produced, and most brands will commonly offer 1-5 oz bars with lower premiums per ounce than smaller weights. As mentioned above, these items are typically only used by collectors. Still, they can also be purchased by investors under the same premise as Gold coins (in case of an economic collapse). Always make sure to buy from brands that have a strong reputation online with consistent supply, or else you’ll end up paying very high premiums, which will make your poor investment value for money over time.

Copper Bullion: We don’t recommend investing in copper bullion except for novelty purposes as it’s not a precious metal and has very little demand from investors. If you are interested, make sure to purchase one-ounce rounds at spot prices because anything smaller will have high premiums that negate its value as an investment.

Silver Bullets: We don’t recommend purchasing these items unless you’re looking for something fun or want to be involved with the ‘silver bullet’ meme, which refers to slaying mythical creatures like werewolves & vampires (hence the shape). They cost more than larger silver coins, so they are poor value for money unless you collect them.

Gold Plated Anything: Avoid at all costs! Gold plated bullion is often misrepresented as genuine (with fake hallmarks) and costs more than 1oz bars, making it a terrible value. If you see something like this for sale, report the vendor because these products are illegal and can be confiscated by authorities without warning.

Silver Bullion: These items typically come in small sizes with high premiums over spot silver, so we don’t recommend buying them unless purchasing for novelty purposes or just wanting to collect something fun.

Canned Silver Rounds: Avoid at all costs! While they may look good, they carry huge premiums that make them poor value for money when you consider that you’re paying $2-3 for an item worth ~$1 of metal content. Canned silver rounds should be treated like novelty items because it’s the same price to purchase an actual 1oz round which is much more liquid & easier to sell.

Gold Bullion Coins: For most buyers, these are the best way to invest in gold bullion because government mints seal them and can be easily liquidated in exchange for fiat currencies during an economic collapse (for example, if paper money becomes obsolete & cryptocurrencies don’t take over). Be careful when buying sovereign coins online as there are a ton of fakes floating around the internet – always choose a reputable brand with a good reputation online and ensure that you’re buying from an authorized dealer selling genuine products. If you’re looking for other options, we’ve our top 5 recommended silver coins/rounds below.

Sovereign Coins: This can be a very profitable way to invest in Gold, especially if you’re looking for an item with significant premiums over the spot (some go up to $1,000+ per oz). The Royal Canadian Mint offers some of the best sovereign coins on the market, and their products are commonly used by people looking to buy gold online. Suppose you want the option of selling your items in exchange for fiat currency during an economic collapse or want something fun & exciting to collect. In that case, Sovereign Coins are your best bet.

American Eagles / Buffalos: These are minted by American Precious Metals. They have high premiums but are easy to liquidate in exchange for fiat currency compared with other options available on the market. We recommend that you only purchase 1oz gold coins and avoid smaller sizes as they carry much higher premiums than more oversized products, which negates their value as an investment.

Silver Eagles: These are minted by the US Mint. They have very high demand & can be liquidated in exchange for fiat currency during an economic collapse (when paper money becomes obsolete). We always recommend buying these items from authorized dealers such as Apmex or Golden Eagle Coin because it ensures your product will be genuine and has a lower risk of being confiscated by authorities without warning (like what happened to many people buying silvers online before the big banks took them down). If you’re looking for reputable brands, we’ve listed our #1 recommended silver dealer above.

Silver Rounds: Silver rounds often come in smaller sizes with very high premiums, so we don’t recommend buying them unless purchasing for novelty purposes or just wanting to collect something fun.

There’s a lot of online information about how to buy gold on the internet. Still, most of it is centered around people trying to sell products rather than provide practical advice, so it can be challenging to know where to start when considering which options are best. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll try to respond within 24 hours.

Noble Gold Review: Congratulations! You’ve finished reading our Noble Gold review, and now you’re one step closer to making an informed decision about whether it’s worth buying / investing in. Please, however, pleaser that buys no substitute for doing your research before making any purchases online because there are always risks involved when doing anything online – especially when purchasing items that can be difficult to sell back if things go wrong. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email using the contact page above & we’ll get back to you asap.