How do I Transfer My IRA to Gold?

No, you can’t transfer your IRA to gold. You have to sell that account or leave it where it is.

Since you are interested in owning actual physical gold, I suggest selling out of your IRA and opening a self-directed 401k/IRA with a precious metals dealer who handles physical metal, not paper market products like ETF’s.

After having done so, you can buy actual physical gold for your new account so long as the weight of the bar(s) purchased does not exceed 100 ounces per month (Rule 200). The excess will be subject to storage fees at whatever fee schedule the Dealer may apply; most use $20 per year per ounce + insurance premiums. A typical retirement account also has a maximum annual contribution of $5,000 and a minimum of $250, unless the account value is less than $250. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any Dealer who will allow such an account to purchase precious metals.

Finally, if you leave your IRA where it is with your current custodian or Custodial firm (e.g., Bank of America), then ask yourself why? Why would you not want complete control over the investments in your retirement accounts? That’s like saying, “I don’t mind leaving my car at Jiffy Lube for oil changes; that way, they can ‘take care of my car while I’m eating lunch.” Do you trust them? What if they break something and don’t own up to it? I count myself with my car, not Jiffy Lube. It will help if you trust yourself with your retirement monies, not the banksters.

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