Can I Keep IRA Gold at Home?

Yes, you can keep IRA gold at home. But there are a few caveats:

1) Your precious metals must be stored in a secure vault – not your basement – and

2) You will have to pay for the storage yourself.

It’s also important to consider how much it would cost you to store an IRA safe deposit box or warehouse precious metals with a custodian firm specializing in metal storage. While some custodians offer services specifically tailored to storing large quantities of gold and silver bullion bars and coins, many consumers may find such fees excessive, mainly as prices fell during 2013. For example, some custodians charge as little as $1.50 per month per $100 face value of holdings; others charge upwards of $15 per month for each $100 in face value.

For a complete discussion of the pros and cons of IRA custodians, see this article from Investopedia: “Can I Keep Physical Bullion In My IRA?” If you elect to store your gold at home, be sure that it’s adequately insured. And let your heirs know where you keep it, so they’ll have access when the time comes to take possession of your holdings.

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