Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group is a precious metals investment firm that focuses on gold, silver, and copper investments. The company was established in 2010 by founder Gary Anderson. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Anderson has been involved in consulting, sales, or management in several businesses within the financial sector with companies such as Merrill Lynch and TD Waterhouse Group.

Birch Gold GroupBirch Gold Group has a strong presence in North America, with offices located in California and Maryland. To provide its customers with additional support, the company also includes an international team of professionals from Europe and Asia, making them eligible to offer products worldwide.

The primary aim of this company is to assist investors looking for professional guidance regarding their portfolios when it comes to investing in precious metals. Birch Gold Group offers more than 30 years of experience in the field and excellent knowledge of making intelligent decisions with investments. In addition, by having more than $1500 million in assets under management, this precious metals firm can offer its customers a complete range of financial products through their affiliation with Central Fund of Canada Ltd.

Partnering up with a well-established company might be a decisive advantage. Still, it’s not enough for Birch Gold Group as they stand out from the crowd by offering their clients only high-quality products which have been selected after extensive research about each product that will help them meet their investment goals.

By investing in gold, silver, copper, or platinum Bullion bars, the company tries to provide its clients with unique investment opportunities. Birch Gold Group believes it’s essential to have a plan B in times of economic hardship by having some emergency money set aside if the unexpected appears. While investing in physical metals might offer the best protection during rough seasons, it’s also important to diversify investments to generate profits when the market is up.

Birch Gold Group offers their clients several different types of accounts customized for each client’s needs depending on their needs. With an individual Gold & Silver IRA account, their customers take full advantage of estate planning, retirement investment strategies, and many other benefits offered by this company who claims to be one of the leading precious metal dealers nationwide due to its high-quality services and excellent customer support team available all year round.

If you’re interested in investing your money in a haven asset such as gold, Birch Gold Group might be able to help you out. With the acquisition of more than 30 years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers, this firm offers some attractive products as well as excellent customer services, so if you want to protect your current assets or plan for retirement, this company is worth checking out.

Why Invest with Birch Gold Group?

1. Transparency – Birch Gold Group offers each client complete transparency regarding their investments as they can track down exactly where their money is being invested and in which precious metal products.

2. Secure Transactions – The company understands the importance of taking security seriously, especially regarding financial data; every transaction is encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology to keep each customer’s information secure at all times.

3. Client Advisors – When you contact this local firm, you will be dealing with experienced professionals who can offer you valuable advice on how to start investing your money correctly in gold, silver, or copper Bullion bars.

4. Free Educational Resources – Understanding the basics about this market is so Birch Gold Group provides its clients with free educational resources to help them make the best investment choices.

5. Free Consultations – This company offers free consultations, which means by contacting their team, you can receive expert guidance regarding your financial situation and current investments. Having access to this type of information will make it easier for you to make sound decisions regarding future investments in precious metals.

6. Low Minimum Purchase Amount – Whether your budget is $1,500 or $150,000, Birch Gold Group offers products starting at such low prices that everyone can benefit from consulting with one of their advisors before making any significant purchase.

Precious Metals for Purchase

Birch Gold Group offers its clients the opportunity to buy gold, silver, and copper bullion bars. The company claims that by purchasing such products, you can protect your financial assets from inflation or fluctuating stock prices and invest in a product that has been used as a form of payment for thousands of years.

The Company’s Approach

Founders Larry and Dan Edelston are using an innovative approach when it comes to precious metals investing. Namely, they buy physical assets rather than paper investments, hence offering more transparency than other companies on the market. Birch Gold Group believes that purchasing physical products is the best way to acquire this type of investment. It provides you with some unique features, including valuation protection, liquidity, transparency, and portability, while also being a good hedge against inflation.

In addition, the company claims that unlike other types of investments such as blue-chip stocks, precious metals might protect your assets from fluctuating stock prices and provide you with long-term growth potential due to supply and demand market forces. However, even though most investors are aware of this sector’s benefits, they are also scared by its volatility which is why Birch Gold Group believes in educating their clients before any purchase is made, so they understand what is needed for this investment to succeed, thus creating more confident customers who know what to expect when it comes to purchasing these products.

Customers are welcome to purchase any precious metal or even an entire collection; Birch Gold Group has no limits when it comes to providing clients with the best deals.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

The company provides its clients with extensive customer support services, which means anyone interested in investing their money will always have someone at hand who knows how the market works and can offer valuable advice regarding all aspects of precious metals investments. All inquiries are handled within 24 hours, seven days a week, including weekends, making Birch Gold Group one of the most accessible firms out there for those looking to invest.

Various Payment Options Customers can choose from several different payment methods depending on their preferences, whether you want to pay online or use your card if that’s what you prefer. Many banks are accepted, including Visa or MasterCard, to make all transactions as smooth and straightforward.

There is a minimum purchase number for this firm which includes a one-time processing fee charged by the company when making your first transaction with them; however, once you have completed this minimum purchase, there won’t be any charges on future purchases.

About Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group was founded over 30 years ago to provide clients with peace of mind when investing their money in precious metals such as gold, silver, or copper Bullion bars. Working from their local offices in Seattle, the company is fully committed to providing every customer with complete transparency regarding their investments and personal information so they can feel safe when making transactions with them.

Birch Gold Group accepts both credit cards and PayPal for payments, which is excellent news for anyone interested in this firm’s services considering the many privacy concerns surrounding these two payment processors lately. This is especially important for privacy because Birch Gold Group handles investors’ personal information with the utmost care by providing 128-bit secure sockets layer technology to ensure each transaction made will be safe, fast, and secured at all times.

Conclusion Considering all the above information available on this Internet site, if you’re thinking of investing your money into precious metals such as gold or silver coins or bars, Birch Gold Group provides clients with everything they need to start their investment successfully without any risks involved.

The company provides the highest quality services to all its clients by offering transparent deals and respecting their privacy at all times. Even though Birch Gold Group’s minimum purchase is a bit higher than other firms on the market, once you have reached this number and completed your first transaction with them, there will be no additional costs on future purchases of gold or silver coins or bars, which makes this firm one of the most preferred when it comes to investing in precious metals such as gold bullion online.

Rating: 9/10 (one of the top reviewed investment companies supporting investments such as gold)